Introduction to this Site

This site  introduces a variety of work that relates to women and religion, human rights for women, and columns on contemporary issues and their relationship to earth-based spiritual practices. The course Rise Up and Call her Name: A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spritualities is introduced.  A booklet introducing essential themes of Rise Up can be downloaded. Multicultural appreciation is at the center of these projects.

Presenting key aspects of the Women and Religion movement which began its most recent expression in the 1960s and 1970s, this site focuses on the contributions of the Unitarian Universalist W & R Movement which is still active today. Numerous circles of women studying and sharing together, as well as creative rituals conceived and performed by women and sympathetic men, have been the center of this on-going community.

These efforts have reached beyond Unitarian Universalism, making significant contributions to the larger social movement of those questioning patriarchal religions. These on-going efforts seek to discover woman-honoring aspects within established religions as well as invent spiritual rituals and practices that recast the role and beliefs about women and their participation in religion.

On the home page there are a number of sections that you can access by clicking the art that marks the section.

The menu at the right, which is organized in alphabetical order shows the material that is included.  Just click on the topic to bring up the materials.

Elizabeth Fisher, author of many of the pieces on this site, and curator of other related sites, has been involved with a variety of causes over the last 50 years as well as pursued her own creative interests and expansion. These are reflected in the selections here.



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