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293_Lisa_Sarasohn_s_Belly_BookLisa is a very interesting artist, movement coach and healer. I wrote this about her, endorsing her book The Woman’s Belly Book: finding your true center for more energy, confidence, and pleasure.

The Woman’s Belly Book stimulated a powerful spiritual awakening in me. I became more aware of the spiritual energy available to me. I learned to relax and enjoy my body rather than feeling restricted by it. Viewing my body and my sexuality as sacred greatly enhanced my visceral connection with the source of universal love. Lisa’s exercises and words are powerful medicine, graceful and inspiring.

Her DVD entitled Honoring Your Belly: dynamic yoga moves activating your core energy is fun and presents exercises that are easy to do even if you are a novice.

From the DVD cover – This dynamic sequence of belly-energizing moves draws from yoga and other healing arts to help you tap into your core life force. Use this 35-minute DVD to learn this power-centering practice that activates your Source Energy and animates ancient symbols of the Sacred Feminine. This program teaches and expands on The Gutsy Women’s Workout featured in The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure (New World Library, 2006) by the same author.
(Please note: The program is continuous; it does not include navigation.)  (Lisa’s great newsletter)

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