Life in Pacific Grove, California — Personal Stories, beautiful illustrations



Published by Patricia Hamilton; Illustrations by Keith Larson, Photos by Peter Mounteer


Volume One: Stories have the power to build bridges of understanding between individuals and groups whose shared experiences may not be apparent initially, yet are part of a community’s common culture. Here in Pacific Grove, our stories range from the traditional return of the butterflies to the Feast of Lanterns to the tales traded by divers, surfers and other adventurers.

Elizabeth Fisher writes about Suffragist and Spiritualist Lavinia Waterhouse, famous throughout California; and Edward Berwick, World Peace Advocate, pamphleteer and Mayor of Pacific Grove. Bob Fisher writes about many of his favorite landmarks in this “Last Home Town in America.”

The second volume of Life in Pacific Grove, California makes deeper connections to our community through essays and personal stories by local authors. Included are joyful memories of the Hippies of the 1970s, historical photographs, key personalities Then & Now, unique aspects of “Butterfly Town, U.S.A.”, and how Pacific Grove has become a haven for writers seeking inspiration.

Bob talks about a Civil War memorial on Lighthouse Avenue, touching on being a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. Elizabeth reminisces about a stone sculpture of a crouching mountain lion atop a fifteen foot wall, and how as a “cat person” she finds its presence comforting.

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