Internet Radio Shows

Karen Tate, writer, scholar, ritualist, community organizer and more has hosted an amazing internet radio show for many years called Voices of the Sacred. Feminine. Karen interviewed Liz Fisher twice, one on the curriculum she wrote and another on the topic of revision female-male relationships.

Click on the dates below and the programs come right up, or you can download them into your own player.


Mar. 23, 2011: [Drag the slider to 1:02:27 to get to the start] Enjoy Liz Fisher discussing “Lilith Meets the Green Man” as we look at pre-patriarchal mythologies which provide opportunities to revision female-male relationships in order to counter dangerous ideologies and some cult-like celebrities of today. We relate new interpretations of old archetypes to present social and political hot points replacing “hate talk” with positive modeling. We correct the record regarding myths and symbolism of the apple, the tree of knowledge and the serpent and creatively imagine new possibilities using truth and humor to diffuse attacks and hold up positive possibilities.


Nov. 24, 2010: [Drag the slider to 10:05 to get to the start] Liz Fisher, author of the important curriculum from Unitarian Universalist Women called RISE UP AND CALL HER NAME will discuss the teachings and the herstory associated with the program still relevant and seeing a resurgence today…

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