Taking A Journey Requires

Engaging from the heart in a way that is different from intellectual study alone

Experiencing without always understanding or being able to fit what we see or feel into a predetermined explanation

Seeing with fresh eyes and the ability to remember what it was like to learn something new as a child

Accepting a partial picture with the faith it will become more defined later

Being able to tolerate ambiguity without losing track of a sense of meaning

Being able to, over time, build a more complete picture from blocks of experience

Respecting what may seem strange, compared to what we normally experience

Feeling rather than thinking at times

Trusting the process of discovering and becoming

Appreciating mystery

Experiencing inner and outer journeys which stimulate one another

Holding a belief that experiences on the journey contribute to realizing our full potential

Understanding that encounters on the journey enrich us while sometimes demanding that we change our outlook radically

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