Key Perspectives

Rise Up is multilayered both in content and presentation. The following areas of inquiry are explored in the DVD, the music on the CD and throughout the entire course. Here is a succinct discussion of these important foci. (For a fuller discussion, see Elizabeth Fisher’s Introduction: Crystallizing the Vision which appears in both the Leader’s Guide and the Sourcebook.)

Key_Perspectives (PDF)

Hecate's Wheel

Hecate’s Wheel

Part I – Symbols and Ethics

  • What’s So Important About Religious Imagery?
  • Honoring the Female
  • Awareness of Interconnection
  • Past, Present and Future
  • Shared Values
  • Diversity and Individuality
  • Process as Central

Part II – Respect, Race, and Gender

  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Why Female-Centered Multicultural Exploration?
  • Global Community and Local Diversity
  • Multicultural America and Overcoming Racism
  • Is Guilt the Answer?
  • What about Europe?

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