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These references are special favorites in art, cultural information, movement and music that I have discovered along my own Rise Up Journey. All of these writers, artists and musicians have provided me with insight, inspiration, and knowledge that have affected my own Earth-based and woman-honoring practices. Some are included in Rise Up; others I discovered after Rise Up was published.

For me, interacting with works of art, literature, philosophy, reflection, music or dance created by others is actually a form of deep interaction with other human beings, whether or not I have met them personally. The creators of these works are telling us about themselves in a deeply meaning effort to communicate what is most important to them.

Art of this nature creates an intimate interchange of emotion and connection between me and another human being, one of the most important experiences we can have in life. These women in particular touch something deep within me and many others as well. Their talents for connecting, enriching and empowering are extraordinary.

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