From My Scrapbook

200_Universe_spiralSnapshots and Reflections
Women and Religion Movement
Unitarian Universalist Association

by Elizabeth Fisher

From My Scrapbook (PDF)

From the introduction:

In 2001, I knew that the direction of my life was moving away from an active involvement with UU groups. At that time, I decided to go through my files relating to the Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion Movement and do an informal review of what I had done and learned from all the varied UU women’s movement activities I had experienced over almost twenty years. This resulted in my publication From My Scrapbook: Snapshots and Reflections, Women and Religion Movement, UUA.

This little collection of events and my thoughts about them is offered as a testament to numerous moments of partnership…and with appreciation for so many wonderful, vibrant memories, as well as for the people who were there with me…giving me a sense of belonging to something truly grand.

As we move into this challenging time for our larger gender equality movement – both domestically and internationally – may we take courage from our advancements, knowing that despite our difficulties in finding common organizational structures we often do care about the same values. As we follow deeply personal paths let us know we are part of a larger whole seeking freedom within a compassionate framework – greater good for all within a robust, yet fragile ecosystem.

May we remain alert, generous, courageous and able to response to the joy and the need around us. And may we feel a part of the natural world, still so beautiful even in her wounded state – and join with those who all around the globe, feel at home within this pace of earth, air, water and fire, perpetually recombining within us and all around us.

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