Cakes for the Queen of Heaven


A religious education curriculum in feminist thealogy for adults and older youth by Shirley Ann Ranck.

Note by Elizabeth Fisher: This program was originally published in 1987 by the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Religious education division. It was very popular, provided perspectives on a variety of issues missing from Unitarian Universalist practices. This program inspired me to undertake what became Rise Up and Call Her  Name.

See Shirley Ranck’s Foreword to Rise Up & Call Her Name to learn more.


Volume One: IN ANCIENT TIMES and Volume Two: ON THE THRESHOLD, the 2007-08 updates of the popular feminist theology curriculum, can be ordered from UU Women and Religion,

Cakes introduces participants to ancient Goddesses, weaving their stories together with major concerns of women today.

This eleven-session adult religious education curriculum includes an introductory section featuring author Shirley’s Ranck’s “Statement of Feminist Thealogy,” Elinor Artman’s “Brief Herstory of Cakes,” and Nancy Vedder-Shults, “Baking Cakes for the Queen of Heaven.”

The resource section includes supplementary essays by a number of important authors, a listing of highly recommended materials, and the sheet music of songs by Carole Eagleheart and Ann Forfreedom for use with the curriculum.

The curriculum also includes a CD-ROM with Visual Programs to accompany the sessions, plus resource material for easy distribution to participants.

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Funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism and the UU Women’s Federation

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