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Betty LaDuke

Betty has three great DVDs that can be ordered:

  • Africa Between Myth & Reality
  • Persistent Women Artists (three women featured from various continents)
  • Betty LaDuke: an Artist’s Journey from the Bronx to Timbuktu (a visual memoir with wonderful narrative written and delivered by Betty.)

Also if you Google Betty LaDuke, sources for her many wonderful books will come up including:

  • Multi-cultural Celebrations: the painting of Betty LaDuke 1972-1992
  • Africa through the Eyes of Women Artists by Betty LaDuke
  • Women Artists: Multi-Cultural Visioins by Betty LaDuke
  • Africa: Women’s Art Women’s Lives by Betty LaDuke
  • Companeras: Women, art, & social change in Latin America by Betty LaDuke

Note: Betty is the mother of Winona LaDuke, the Native American activist and writer.

Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party is one of the earliest major installations to honor women’s accomplishments throughout history (created out of ceramic and fabric art in the 1970s). The history of this installation is as fascinating as the work itself. The book by Judy Chicago The Dinner Party is a great visual feast and a reference compendium of favorite feisty feminists throughout history. This wonderful creation is now a permanent installation and center piece at the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art in Brooklyn, New York.

Both of these websites give lots of visuals and information about this fascinating collaborative work of art.

Quilts of Gee’s Bends

An important exhibit of African American quilters and traditional singers that has been touring the country for several years starting around 2005. Their quilts are similar in technique to the ones featured in Rise Up. The research material available about this unusual community adds a richness to information in Rise Up. Well worth viewing the DVD and listening to the music and reading the musical notes. The books are beautiful and informative as well. About the Quilt makers

The Quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend, a PBS documentary



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