How Rise Up Came to Be

In order to glean some of the most stimulating and inspirational material I could, I engaged in conversations with many individuals about what they thought would characterize both woman-honoring and earth-based aspects of varied cultures.The people I consulted all had a personal interest in this exploration. Some had ancestry that could be traced to Africa, Asia or Native America which they had researched. Others brought valuable insights and suggestions from their own experiences of multicultural spiritual attitudes and practices. I also surveyed numerous scholarly publications and books, excerpting and synthesizing the many excellent studies I discovered.

I then crafted a journey around the globe—using varied approaches to selected aspects of cultures, past and present, which display a reverence for the earth and a respect for the female divine in her many forms.

  • The passion of these academic and literary works is reflected in the Leader’s Guide and Sourcebook, which also serve as a powerful research tool into earth-based spiritual practices around the globe.
  • The stunning visuals are woven into unique presentations in the video segments on DVD.
  • The unique collection of original and traditional chants, songs and instrumentals, now available on the MUSIC CD, provide the lyrical and emotive essence of this multifaceted exploration.

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