Thealogical Musings by Elizabeth Fisher


Thealogy is a term coined by religious scholar Naomi Goldenberg from thea, the Greek word for goddess. Since these articles deal with religious traditions and philosophical outlooks that include female deities, often focusing on them, this category’s title, Thealogical Musings, uses the feminine root. (In Greek, theos is the word for a masculine god and from that root comes theology, meaning “the study of the nature of God, and of man’s relationship to God.”)

Remembering Her: Why “Rise Up and Call Her Name?” (PDF)
Connections Magazine, Spring 2000, Volume 8, Number 1

Nature-Centered Spirituality as Ethical Guide (PDF)
Panel on Theological Diversity, Pacific Central District, Unitarian Universalist Association, Oakland, California, April 25, 1998

Weaving Strands into Whole Cloth (PDF)
In EDGE OF THE WAVE: Great Goddess – Fact, Working Hypothesis, or Feminist Myth?
COLLEGIUM: Association for Liberal Religious Studies, Occasional Papers, Number Two • 1993

Knowing Transcending Wonder: Transcendentalists, Then and Now (PDF)
By Elizabeth and Robert Fisher
Connections Magazine, Spring 2000, Volume 8, Number 2

Earth-centered Spirituality: Source for a Living Tradition (PDF)
SACRED COSMOS: Journal of Liberal Religious Paganism, Published by Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, November 2000

Unitarian Universalism, Earth-based Spirituality, and the Sixth Source (PDF)
Keynote Address, Pacific Southwest District Annual Meeting, deBenneville Pines, California, May, 1997

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