Gender Justice Sample Pages

Sample pages include:

  • Title Page
    Table of Contents
    Hillary Rodham Clinton Quote
    Preface: Beyond Beijing by Elizabeth Fisher
    The Road to Beijing
    The 12 Critical Areas of Concern
    Mind Map: Violence Against Women
    Power and Control Wheel
    About the Authors: Elizabeth Fisher and Linda Gray MacKay

Gender Justice Pages (PDF)

125_genderjusticeA 370-page study/action guide to engage U.S. citizens in the international women’s rights movement. By Elizabeth Fisher and Linda Gray MacKay. 1996.

Following these conferences, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) published a book I co-authored with Linda Mackay, a constituent education specialist then on the staff of the UUSC entitled Gender Justice: Human Rights are Women’s Rights.

Containing important and timelees information, Gender Justice is presented in a friendly and accessible manner. It also includes a series of experiential exercises designed to explore the major concerns of women worldwide who have joined together to gain Universal Human Rights for all women.

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