Nature’s Path — Columns by Liz Fisher


Liz writes a monthly column for Nature’s Path, Celebrating Unitarian Universalist Paganism and Earth-Centered Experience which is posted on PATHEOS, the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world’s beliefs.

Check out her columns here. Each one has a brief introductory statement and a link to its original posting on the Nature Path site. On the page the complete column is also posted for easy access.  All are generously illustrated and easy to read.


Why I Am Still a UU Pagan – August 2015  UU Principles, symbols, appreciation for the Oversoul.

The Lessons of The Little Prince – September 2016

April’s Fool – April 2016  The fearless fool, the rainbow, humor and the benefit of finding joy in times of trial and strife.


Brigid and the Chinese Dragon – February 2016  Honoring the pagan traditions of both the East and the West increases multicultural appreciation. A word about correcting past injustices to Chinese in U. S.

Eclipses, Spring Equinox and Ocean Tides – March 2016

Beltane, Maypoles and Labyrinths – May 2016

Summer Solstice: Season of Passion – July 2015   Bridging divides, finding voice.

Lughnasa At the Crossroads – August 2016

Bringing Back the Dead – November 2015  Empowering women and girls; celebrating our ancestors.

Joy: The Persistent Ally (Betty Soskin) – December 2015  Introducing Betty Soskin, an African American UU, 94 yrs. old and a Park Ranger cultural educator with slave ancestry she is invited to introduce Pres. Obama at the National tree lighting ceremony, December 3, 2015.


Oceans Are For Everybody – June 2016

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment – June 2015  Eye witness account of Nepal earthquake; Groundbreaking statement – CUUPS signs with others.

Declaration of Interdependence – July 2016

Whale Song – September 2015  National Marine Sanctuary shows ecological restoration can work; artists and movie makers who honor whales are introduced.


Multicultural Maypole in Baltimore – May 2015   Response to murder by police of unarmed youth.

Healing the Traumas of War – January 2016  UUs learn from Lakota Indians; ceremonial ride to commemorate the 125th anniversary of massacre at Wounded Knee on December 29, 2015

Father Serra Not A Saint – April 2015  Supports Native Americans who reject sainthood.

Who Is Pandora? – October 2015  Recasting myths and defending women’s rights to control her body.

Art of Peacemaking — October, 2016 Celebrating Peace worldwide and locally keeps the vision alive; includes an inspiring example and suggestions for actions


Inaccurate observations of “the Dark” feed racism, sexism; have negative psychological impact and social ramifications.  This series deals with various aspects of recasting the Dark.

The Dark, Part 3 – March 2015

The Dark, Part 2 – February 2015

The Dark, Part 1 – January 2015

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