Elizabeth Fisher on the list of the Thirteen Most Influential People in Women’s Spirituality

Art by Pegi Eyers

Art by Pegi Eyers

Elizabeth Fisher and Shirley Ranck

“Authors of germinal religious education curricula focused on feminist spirituality and woman-honoring traditions, originally published by the UU Women and Religion program, their work with Rise Up & Call Her Name and Cakes for the Queen of Heaven continues to change the lives of women around the country by introducing them to a vision of what the world could be like if the divine was imaged as female.”

~ From the blog of Molly Remer, a UU super goddess woman in her own right: top-thirteen-most-influential-people-in-goddess-spirituality

Molly Remer (WoodsPriestess) says: I find that feminist spirituality can be distinguished from paganism because of the inclusion of a core sociopolitical orientation and distinct sociocultural critique. Feminist spirituality to me is the intersection of religion and politics. It is religious feminism. It may or may not include literal experience of or perception of the Goddess, but it names the female and the female body as sacred, worthy, and in need of defense and uses Goddess symbols, metaphors, stories, and experiences as primary expressions of divinity and the sacred.

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  1. I want to buy 1 CD each of both “Rise Up and Call Her Name” and Cakes for the Queen of Heaven but am old fashioned. Can you provide shipping cost for 2 CDs mailed to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and a mailing address I can ship an American Funds Postal Order to ???
    I have been a big fan for years. Thank-you and Be Blessed Always

  2. It would cost almost $30 to ship them priority mail to Canada. If you would like to go ahead and order these, please contact me at info@uuwr.org and we will make it happen!
    Peace — Gretchen, UUW&R storekeeper

  3. By the way, the writer of the blog that mentions Liz and Shirley, is Molly Remer, a UU supergoddesswoman in her own right: https://goddesspriestess.com/2013/03/29/top-thirteen-most-influential-people-in-goddess-spirituality/

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