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Rainbows at the Crossroads

Activating the Moral Power of Caring and Sharing


Rainbows represent diversity that encourages hope, joy, and wholeness.
Crossroads are points of convergence that offer direction-setting options.


Utilizing an internet based format which is quick paced and modular, this proposed website features fictional exchanges between a mature woman and man. Storytelling, life reviews, conversations, and background notes are interwoven. The illustrated text is linked to related video and audio snippets, offering an entertaining and informative public education experience.

Themes include social responsibility, value of diversity, personal choice, and whether history matters. Conversations contain flashbacks to turning points and personal aha! insights. They both relate encounters with younger people, elders, and ancestors. Reviews of hard won victories are interwoven with contemporary dilemmas. Resources that support follow-up on these concerns are included.

Here is a sampling of the topics:

• Women of all ages are independent human beings with the right to reproductive justice.
• Men have been deprived of their full personhood by distorted expectations.
• Acceptance of difference and personal authenticity contrasts sharply with role rigidity.
• Racial and generational divides can be bridged by sincere communication.
• Intersectionality of social concerns over the decades is made more understandable.
• Death-with-dignity is a caring response to an inevitable, sacred life passage.
• Responsible freedom combines individual fulfillment with the common good.
• Sustainable living alternatives value the interconnectedness of all life on land and sea.

Elizabeth Fisher (1947-2020), creator of Rainbows at the Crossroads, previously designed and authored two multimedia curricula used by thousands of groups worldwide: Rise Up and Call Her Name: A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities and Gender Justice: Women’s Rights are Human Rights. Both contributed significantly to the international feminist spirituality movement and women’s human rights advocacy.

Rainbows at the Crossroads is currently in development
I would appreciate the opportunity to share with you more details about this project
and receive your feedback and suggestions about possible next steps.

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